2021 Mclaren 570S

Super sports cars offer unmatched speeds and handling. Owning one shows you the peak of impeccable and exhilarating driving. Keep reading for a complete review of the 2021 Mclaren 570S supercar.


The 2021 Mclaren 570S is a superb sports car with excellent handling and a sleek exterior look. This model has a higher price tag than many competitors but still offers unique features that make it worth the money.

While the driving experience couldn’t be better, the vehicle leaves something desired concerning the interior comfort and quality of the audio and entertainment.


The starting price of the 2021 Mclaren 570S is $191,000, but it can cost up to $205,000, depending on the added features chosen. Compared to other supercars, this model has a very high starting price.


The 2021 Mclaren 570S offers a combined MPG of 18, making it one of the more efficient supercars on the market.

Pros & Cons

Below are the most notable pros and cons of the 2021 Mclaren 570S.


  • Impeccable steering
  • Outstanding handling capability
  • Stylish and modern interior
  • Premium and sophisticated materials
  • Highly customizable
  • Stunning exterior design


  • Oddly-placed controls
  • Unsupportive seating
  • Mediocre audio setup


The performance and handling are where the 2021 Mclaren 570S shines. Like the older Mclaren models, this one uses a stellar Ricardo-sourced 3.8-liter V8 engine.

It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and go from 60 to 0 mph in just 100 feet, offering powerful and effective braking power.

Interior & Comfort

The interior uses premium leather and top-notch materials for a smooth and comfortable experience.

The dashboard is rather chunky, but the cabin offers storage space in the center console.

The seat materials are comfortable and roomy, but there is a lack of head and lumbar support in the driver and passenger seats.


The Mclaren 570S is underpinned by a carbon tub that can protect passengers in a high-speed car crash.

The most prominent safety features of the 2021 Mclaren 570S include Anti-lock Braking System, Dynamic Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, hill hold assist cruise control, electronic parking brake, and volumetric alarm upgrade with interior storage compartments, vehicle tracking system, and knee airbags.

Technology & Infotainment

The 2021 Mclaren 570S has top-notch air conditioning, ventilation, heated seats, and a cozy heating system.

The only place where the technology and infotainment lack is the audio system. There are only four interior speakers, and they use mid-range audio, while the premium sound is an added optional feature for more money.


Users recognize the Mclaren 570S as a top performer in its field. The price, though high in itself, is fitting because of the top quality of the supercar. Most mention the perfect stability it has and how comfortable it is to drive. The aesthetics also get favorable opinions.

“It’s the kind of car that teenagers have on posters in their rooms, the kind that gets showcased as the hero’s car in movies, a symbol of ultimate attainment.” – New Atlas

“Prominent looks, Elegant interior, Impeccable performance, and a high-class chassis, strong enough that its upcoming variant will perform as good as the coupe.” – Car Indigo

“The McLaren 570S is an authentic driving machine built using decades of keen racing insights to provide precise acceleration and handling in a lightweight package.” – True Car

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