2023 Honda Pilot

The 2023 Honda Pilot is making its entrance after two decades since the brand introduced the SUV. As Honda’s largest SUV, the Pilot has amassed many fans and loyalists throughout the years. Despite not many design changes occurring (the most recent occurred in 2016 and 2019), the 2023 Honda Pilot promises to be distinct.


Though the shape of the next-generation SUV is similar to that of its predecessor, there are some notable changes. Its size and exterior are larger and more rugged. Rumor has it that the size of the 2023 Honda Pilot could be up to three inches bigger than the previous models. As a result, the new model could more closely resemble a minivan than an SUV.

The overall design of the 2023 Honda Pilot will be similar to that of the Acura MDX. Though features like the rectangle dual exhaust pipes will remain the same, the new SUV will offer several upscale novelties.


Honda enthusiasts can expect to pay upwards of $38,000 for the 2023 Honda Pilot. The price is on par with that of its predecessors. For more upscale options, pricing will range between $44,000 and $50,000.


As usual, Honda does not disappoint regarding fuel economy:

  • 20 MPG for the city
  • 27 MPG for the highway
  • 23 MPG combined

Pros and Cons

Here are a few of the positive new features of the 2023 Honda Pilot:

  • Extra legroom
  • Excellent MPG
  • New grill design
  • Improved bumpers
  • Larger wheels
  • On the other hand, depending on your needs, the following are potential negatives:
  • The husky design makes it look more like a van
  • Overall functionality is similar to the 2022 Honda Pilot
  • The interior is difficult to clean

Interior and Comfort

Drivers should be excited about the additional legroom in the 2023 Honda Pilot. The cabin will be larger than those of previous models. Additionally, Honda is improving the seat material’s overall quality, and the new SUV aims to be the most comfortable yet.


Honda asserts that its 2023 Honda Pilot model will be one of its safest yet. The husky SUV will provide a more soothing driving experience and comes with the same excellent safety features as previous models.


There are new and improved lighting and temperature controls in the 2023 Honda Pilot. The car will also offer a panoramic moonroof, heated seats, and ventilated seat options.

Because the SUV shares a platform with Acura, it’s likely the engine will be a 3.5 liter V6 and have 290 HorsePower. Honda has also foreshadowed that there will be Hybrid options in the future. In addition, an all-wheel drive will be an optional feature.


A few upgrades will be available concerning the Infotainment system. The 2023 Honda Pilot will feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and automatic Tri-Zone climate control.


According to reviews on the Kelly Blue Book, drivers find that the overall performance and driving experience of the 2023 Honda Pilot is excellent. On the flip side, some drivers feel that the interior components, like the carpet, stain easily. Additional complaints include lower quality and value compared to other models.

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Featured image via Honda USA