2022 Ford Explorer

There’s a reason why the Ford Explorer is one of the most popular SUVs in America. It’s an excellent, spacious vehicle ideal for families and anyone looking for an outdoor getaway. We looked at the Ford Explorer 2022 to see how it compares to past models and some of its SUV competitors.


It can be challenging to stand out in a field as crowded as the truck and SUV industry. Where does the Ford Explorer 2022 surpass the competition, and where does it fall short? The Ford Explorer 2022 hasn’t changed substantially from the 2020 model, but it remains a sleek and athletic ride with a solid rear-wheel-drive platform.

Due to customizable offerings, prices vary considerably. To determine whether this model suits you, look at the Ford Explorer 2022 in depth below.


The base model comes in at $35,240, with the XLT at $39,550. The ST-Line and ST models range from $46,740 to $49,740. If you’re looking for a Hybrid, it’s estimated at $51,000, or $55,000 for a Platinum Hybrid. The Platinum model itself is $53,355.


21 mpg. Hybrid models can reach 25mpg.

Pros & Cons

The Ford Explorer 2022 provides a solid brake feel with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It’s not the flashiest model around, but it’s ideal for family commutes. There’s ample space and seating for longer trips, and the rear-wheel-drive system makes for clean and practical drivability.

However, the steep price increase after the base model is frustrating, as there aren’t many add-ons to the new model. The lineup has expanded further from the 2020 model, providing more options but fewer obvious benefits for each. The comfort of the back seat leaves something to be desired, and the media add-ons are lackluster.


The Ford Explorer 2022 drives exceptionally well, with excellent steering wheel weight. Its rear-wheel-drive capabilities also make it distinct and often superior to other models in the field.

Interior & Comfort

There are seven seats in the Ford Explorer 2022, coupled with plenty of storage space for any weekend getaway. Problems arise, however, for any plus-size passengers in the back rows of the vehicle, where there’s lower clearance than in the front. This spacing might result in discomfort for anyone with longer legs.


There are standard blind-spot warning systems, which is actually an improvement over other available SUV models. There are also plenty of assistance technologies, like lane-keep assist and emergency braking. The self-parking assist is also brand new for the 2022 model. Overall the 2022 Explorer scores well with safety features.

Technology & Infotainment

The Ford Explorer 2022 media system comes with Apple CarPlay and Android capability. The console screen for the base model is the standard 8.0-inch touchscreen, but there’s an available upgrade to a 10.1-inch screen. While the extra few inches make the screen easier to read, it doesn’t seem to add much else in terms of functionality.


Everything we’ve covered so far is just a brief overview of the Ford Explorer 2022. We’re linking to some reviews from drivers to give you a better understanding of what people love about the Ford Explorer 2022 and what they think could be improved in the future.

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