The Best Shocks and Struts

Equipping your vehicle with a new set of shocks or struts will improve its handling performance, ride quality, and overall safety. Age and use will wear down any car’s suspension system, and you’re going to have to replace its components at some point. Choosing the best shocks and struts is important to maintaining full control of your vehicle whenever it is out on the road. If you’ve noticed that your steering wheel vibrates, that your car bounces excessively after hitting a pothole, or that your vehicle no longer easily drives in a straight line it’s likely time to replace your shocks or struts.

We reviewed a wide assortment of different shocks and struts on sale today and have pared down the best options in our list below. We want you to be safe out on the road, so we made sure that these shocks and struts are constructed from high-quality materials, provide equal-to or better-than original factory ride quality, and are set with advanced velocity damping systems that adjust to your driving conditions.

Top Pick
OREDY Complete Coil Spring Assembly
A complete strut assembly that is easy to install, OREDY uses premium materials and thorough testing to ensure their struts and shocks meet or exceed OEM specifications.

After considering all of the different car shocks and struts we came across, we’ve chosen the OREDY Complete Coil Spring Assembly as our shocks and struts top pick. A version of this complete package can be matched to just about any car on the road today. Using high-quality materials and extensive testing, OREDY proudly claims that this product will improve your vehicle’s overall safety and ride quality. Consumers have responded to those claims, proving them to be true, and we think this is the best option for replacing your car’s worn suspension components.

The 5 Top-Rated Shocks and Struts

Editor's PicksBrandRating
Best OverallOREDY Complete Coil Spring Assembly4.8
Runner UpMILLION PARTS Complete Strut Shock Absorber Assembly5.0
Best Budget BuyMILLION PARTS 2 Piece Complete Strut Shock Absorber Assembly5.0
Best Mono-TubeBilstein Monotube Shock Absorber4.9
Best Twin-TubeRubicon Express Rubicon RXT Twin Tube Shock Absorber5.0

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Our Top Pick: OREDY Complete Coil Spring Assembly

Extensive product testing, top-tier materials, and higher than OEM standards are the hallmarks of OREDY Complete Coil Spring Assemblies. Built upon a business philosophy that puts customer statisfaction first, these complete strut assemblies are manufactured to improve on-road handling, reduce body roll, shorten braking distance, and stabilize the cabin ride. With a new suspension setup from OREDY your car’s suspension will feel like new again.

The included spring seats are insulated to provide a smooth and quiet ride, a quality that is supported by the interior oil hydraulic circuit system which aims to improve ride stability. If it’s comfort and worry-free driving you’re looking for, there’s no better complete package for replacing your car’s struts than this. Though the specific model linked here is applicable for a number of German-made vehicles, OREDY makes complete coil spring assemblies for just about any vehicle on the road today.

OREDY is one of the largest automotive suspension parts manufacturers in the world, which means the company has the resources to acquire advanced machines capable of running highly technical tests at excessive rates on their products. High-grade steel and other quality materials are used to manufacture durable pieces of the assembly, all of which come backed by an 18-month parts warranty.

OREDY Complete Coil Spring Assembly Key Features:

  • Premium upper strut mount bearings with rubber-to-steel bonding
  • Hollow bumper to prevent compression damage
  • Rubber strut dust boot
  • 18-month warranty

Our Runner Up Pick: MILLION PARTS Complete Strut Shock Absorber Assembly

Runner Up
MILLION PARTS Complete Strut Shock Absorber Assembly
This complete strut assembly arrives in one piece and requires no special tools for installation so that you can swap out your aging struts for a smooth ride with ease.

There is no substitute for convenience, and installing the MILLION PARTS Complete Strut Shock Absorber Assembly is as easy as it gets. Arriving in one complete package, the strut, coil, spring, and mounts can be installed and removed as a single unit. No special tools are required for installation beyond a basic set of wrenches and screws.

Ease of installation does not denote simplicity in design. These strut assemblies are fully functioning structural components and shock absorbers that will absolutely improve ride quality and vehicle responsiveness over your worn set of struts. The simple installation process allows you to confidently replace your struts in under two hours, saving you time and money that would otherwise be spent at an automotive shop.

MILLION PARTS Complete Strut Shock Absorber Assembly Key Features:

  • Single piece strut assembly
  • OEM design direct fit
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Fits GM vehicles

Best Budget Pick: MILLION PARTS 2 Piece Complete Rear Strut Shock Absorber Assembly

Budget for Budget
MILLION PARTS 2 Piece Complete Rear Strut Shock Absorber Assembly
Capable of producing a smooth ride at a wallet-friendly price, this Million Parts Assembly will prove to be a night and day difference to your vehicle’s worn struts.

A sister set to our Runner Up Pick, the MILLION PARTS 2 Piece Complete Rear Strut Shock Absorber Assembly completes the suspension overhaul of your tried-and-true vehicle from its effortless installation all the way through to a comfortable ride. Strut, coil, spring, and mounts are included in these complete assemblies, and installation is as simple as securing a half dozen bolts.

While there may be seemingly less expensive options on this list, and even in our top picks, this complete assembly by MILLION PARTS is the best bang for your buck because it is, in fact, a complete strut assembly. Whereas other suspension components featured in this article are but singular pieces to a complete suspension, these full assemblies are fully functional strut replacements that require no additional components. Beyond providing shock absorption, strut assemblies also serve as structural necessities to your vehicle’s suspension. This full-featured setup comes well-reviewed by consumers and at a great price from the manufacturer.

MILLION PARTS 2 Piece Complete Rear Strut Shock Absorber Assembly Key Features:

  • Single piece strut assembly
  • OEM design direct fit
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Fits Dodge/Chrysler vehicles

Best Mono-Tube: Bilstein Monotube Shock Absorber

Best Mono Tube
Bilstein Monotube Shock Absorber
Improving handling and ride comfort both on and off road, Bilstein Monotube Shock Absorbers are the cream of the crop for motoring enthusiasts.

Built tough to withstand the rigors of lifted trucks and SUVs both on pavement and deep into the rutted backcountry, Bilstein Monotube Shock Absorbers are considered by many to be the best in the industry. The specific shock absorbers linked here are intended for vehicles with multiple inches of lift, and reviews have praised their ability to retain OEM levels of ride comfort and stability despite the vehicle’s increased lift. This is a testament to the build quality and design of these individual shock absorbers.

Browse around and you’ll find Bilstein shocks for many vehicles on the market, particularly those that were intended to go off road. Maintaining a balance between off-road capability and on-road stability is as much an art as it is a science, but Bilstein has managed to remain a figurehead in this market because they have consistently produced shocks capable of walking that fine line. These shock absorbers utilize a proprietary velocity sensitive digressive piston which responds to road conditions for increased stability in bad weather and off-road scenarios.

Bilstein Monotube Shock Absorber Key Features:

  • Unique digressive piston with velocity sensitivity
  • Consistent fade-free performance
  • Capable of retaining OEM ride on lifted vehicles

Best Twin-Tube: Rubicon Express Rubicon RXT Twin Tube Shock Absorber

Best Twin Tube
Rubicon Express Rubicon RXT Twin Tube Shock Absorber
Engineered to accommodate long wheel travel for extreme off-road conditions, Rubicon Express Shocks support a smooth highway ride and adventurous off-pavement pursuits.

Smooth out your ride and prepare for off pavement exploration with Rubicon Express Rubicon RXT Twin Tube Shock Absorbers. Designed for Jeep Wranglers, these shocks were built tough to withstand the harsh outdoor mudding and rock crawling that Jeep drivers are so fond of. Long wheel travel is vital for such activities, and these Rubicon Express Shock Absorbers can handle it.

Those who have installed these shocks on their Wranglers have applauded their perfect fit, though these shocks can be equipped on other vehicles as well with a bit of effort and occasional modification. If the attributes of the average Wrangler also apply to your truck or SUV, these shock absorbers are worth your consideration. Each Rubicon Express shock is tuned for specific applications to provide the maximum capability without sacrificing ride quality. An oversized shock body allows for more fluid capacity, and double welded rings ensure maximum durability in high stress driving environments.

Rubicon Express Rubicon RXT Twin Tube Shock Absorber Key Features:

  • Double welded rings
  • Oversized shock body
  • Long wheel travel

Who Should Buy Shocks and Struts

It is generally recommended that you replace your vehicle’s shocks and struts every 50,000 to 100,000 miles depending on your suspension system, vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, and driving habits. Though the guidelines are there to help you remember to place your shocks and struts in a timely manner, there are other conditions you should look out for.

You should check your shocks and struts immediately if braking becomes unstable, your vehicle bounces as you drive, your car sways or leans when you change lanes, or your steering seems stiff. All of these may be signs that your shocks and struts need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Purchasing your own shocks and struts can save you a lot of money, especially if you are able to install them yourself. You should buy your own shocks and struts even if you are going to have a mechanic install them to save a few bucks and ensure that you choose the best parts for your vehicle.

While you’re taking such good care of what’s under the hood, why not take equal care of the interior of your car, as well? For such maintenance, check out The Best Leather Conditioners.

Top Pick
OREDY Complete Coil Spring Assembly
A complete strut assembly that is easy to install, OREDY uses premium materials and thorough testing to ensure their struts and shocks meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Important Features to Consider

There are a few important considerations to think-through before purchasing shocks and struts.

  • Know your vehicle’s specifications. When purchasing new shocks or struts it is critical that you know your vehicle’s specifications so that you choose a set that will fit your vehicle. When ordering on Amazon it is as easy as inputting the make, model, and year of your vehicle into your “Amazon Garage”. By doing this, Amazon will assure you when you select a set of shocks or struts for your vehicle that they do fit your vehicle. On other websites, you will also likely need to know your car’s shock and strut part numbers in order to make sure you purchase the correct equipment.
  • Vehicle ride height. Have you or will you be lowering or raising your vehicle? Has a previous owner done this? In order to match your vehicles current ride height, you’ll need to know if it has ever been previously modified. You can also choose to lower or raise your vehicle when you’re selecting a new set of shocks and struts. It’s also important to know that newly install shocks and struts may take a few days or weeks to settle. At first, your new suspension setup may feel stiff or too high, but that will normalize after a little bit of use.
  • Mono-Tube vs Twin-Tube. These two types of shock absorbing systems have fundamental design differences worth considering. Overall, mono-tube shocks provide better ride quality and stability because their simple design is more efficient. Twin-tubes are less expensive and less efficient, though they’re quite capable for the average consumer. If you’re well aware of your vehicle’s fine tunings and intend to take your car off-road or to the track, stick with mono-tubes, but for everyone else, twin-tubes will be adequate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are struts the same as shocks?

No! Struts and shocks are vastly different components and cannot serve as a replacement for one another. The main difference is that struts serve as a structural component to your vehicle’s suspension, much like a control arm, and can greatly affect a vehicle’s steering and alignment angles. This is why struts are typically more expensive than shocks. Shocks typically only control spring and suspension movement.

Why are shock absorbers used in vehicles?

Shocks are used to create a smooth and comfortable car ride. Separating your car’s rotating wheels from the cabin distances the driver from the road, and the shocks serve as the in-between, absorbing the road’s imperfections so that your body doesn’t have to.

What does it cost to replace shocks on a car?

This varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle, and from shocks to shocks (or struts). The prices we have listed on the products here, especially the complete assembly kits, are all the expense that is required if you are installing them yourself. Repair shops and dealerships can charge hundreds of dollars to do the work for you, and the prices they charge for the parts themselves will be at a premium as well.

How many shocks and struts are on a car?

Each wheel has its own shock or strut setup. Vehicles will often have four shocks or four struts in total, but some will mix it up and require two struts in the front and two shocks in the back. It depends on your vehicle.

Other Shocks and Struts We Reviewed

Top Pick
OREDY Complete Coil Spring Assembly
A complete strut assembly that is easy to install, OREDY uses premium materials and thorough testing to ensure their struts and shocks meet or exceed OEM specifications.

We looked at 20 other shocks and struts. Even though they didn’t make our five best shocks and struts list, they’re the best of the rest and each is still a great option for replacing your vehicle’s worn suspension components. The information you’ll need to compare each one is included with the listing.

Mono-Tube Shocks and Struts

BC Racing BR Coilovers for Nissan

BC Racing Coilovers for Nissan

Designed for optimal street performance and the occasional track day, this set of coilovers features easily accessible adjustment knobs that allow you to dial in the exact compression and ride height you desire.

Key Features:

  • 30 levels of dampening force adjustment
  • Pillowball mounts
  • 1-year warranty

Cost: $995.00

Bilstein Monotube Strut Assembly

Bilstein Monotube

Bilstein struts and shocks are regarded by some as the best in the industry. This strut assembly, when paired with an accompanying Bilstein shock absorber, will provide strength and flexibility in your vehicle’s suspension the likes of which you’ve never experienced before.

Key Features:

  • Application specific valve settings
  • Improved handling over OEM shocks and struts

Cost: $190.52

BuyAutoParts Complete Strut & Spring Assembly For Ford

BuyAutoParts Assembly for Ford

Optimized for a Ford F-150, these burly assemblies will match or even exceed the performance of your trucks original shocks. These one-piece components are easy to install so that you can replace them at your home.

Key Features:

  • Torqued to Ford factory specifications
  • Fully assembled
  • Guaranteed exact fit

Cost: $183.65

Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Set for Dodge

Fox 2 Performance Shock Set for Dodge

Improve your Dodge Ram’s off-road ability by lifting your rig with these high-quality performance shocks from Fox. Even with a raised ride height, these shocks can help improve vehicle stability, reduce body roll, and help tighten on-road handling.

Key Features:

  • Gas charged
  • 2-inch aluminum seamless alloy body
  • Provides a 2″ to 3.5″ vehicle body lift

Cost: $639.95

Fox IFP Shocks for Wrangler

FOX IFP Shocks for Wrangler

JK Wranglers in need of a suspension upgrade and body lift need look no further than the highly regarded IFP shocks from Fox. Customer praise Fox shocks for their easy install and all around improved ride quality.

Key Features:

  • Internal floating piston separates shock oil from the gas chamber
  • Aluminum body never rusts
  • 1.5″ to 3.5″ ride height lift

Cost: $552.79

Godspeed Coilovers for Honda

Godspeed Coilovers for Honda

The cold-bent springs in these coilovers are made from high-grade steel to optimize the balance between performance and comfort. Single-point adjustability allows you to fine tune the suspension to meet the needs of your daily driving or weekend autocross days.

Key Features:

  • 16 levels of dampening adjustment
  • Independent spring tension and height adjustment
  • 1-year warranty

Cost: $630.00

Progressive Suspension Shocks

Progressive Suspension

A stellar option for your motorcycle, Progressive Suspension Shocks are fitted with heavy duty, durable springs and a five position cam style preload adjuster that lets you adjust for light riding or a pavement-pounding good time.

Key Features:

  • Steel double wall damper
  • Multistage velocity sensitive damping
  • Gas charged

Cost: $299.95

Yonaka Full Coilovers for Honda

Yonaka Coilovers Honda

Easy to install and packed with a set of adjustment tools, these Yonaka Full Coilovers put customer convenience and suspension performance at the forefront of their business model. If you want to improve your Honda’s suspension, these are coilovers worth springing for.

Key Features:

  • Inner bump stop to prevent compression damage
  • Aluminum upper mounts with 3″ to 4″ ride height adjustment
  • Rubber dust shield to protect the piston

Cost: $449.00

Yonaka Full Coilovers for Lexus

Yonaka Coilovers Lexus

Engineered with top of the line components and OEM feel in mind, Yonaka Coilovers can be used to replicate the quality feel of your vehicle’s original suspension or be adjusted for a firmer, more sporty ride if you enjoy taking tight corners at high speeds.

Key Features:

  • 28 level dampening
  • 4″ ride height adjustment
  • Rubber dust shield to protect the piston

Cost: $449.00

Twin-Tube Shocks and Struts

BILSTEIN Twin Tube Struts

Bilstein Twin Strut Assembly

The Bilstein team has created top-tier struts that meet or exceed your vehicle’s OEM performance, and they can be paired with a wide breadth of Bilstein shocks and other components to create your ideal combination of ride quality and performance.

Key Features:

  • Mix and match Bilstein products for your perfect ride
  • Heavy-duty materials for long-lasting performance

Cost: $67.90

Dobinsons Twin Tube Shocks for Toyota

Dobinsons Twin Shocks for Toyota

Dobinsons manufactures shocks and struts for an extensive list of vehicles, including models which are no longer being produced. These Land Cruiser 80 series shocks are an example of the company’s commitment to providing quality suspension components for aging vehicles.

Key Features:

  • 0″ to 7″ ride height lifts available
  • Nitrogen gas charged
  • Rubber bushing for reduced vibration and noise

Cost: $210.00

ECCPP Shock Absorber Strut Kit

EECCPP Shock Absorber Strut Kit

Able to fit a variety of GM vehicles, this ECCPP Shock Absorber Strut Kit will improve your vehicle’s on-road handling, off-road durability, ride comfort, braking performance, and steering. There’s no reason not to upgrade your suspension with this low-priced kit.

Key Features:

  • Rubber bushes for reduced noise and vibration
  • Micro-polished steel rod for strength and corrosion resistance

Cost: $129.99

Mustang Shocks and Struts

Mustang Shocks and Struts

The nitrogen twin-tube design provides quick damping response, and a self-adjusting valve system ensures maximum comfort and performance is consistently engaged in all road conditions. Reignite your love for your Mustang with a new ride feel via these amazing shocks and struts.

Key Features:

  • Teflon bonded piston seal
  • All around welding instead of spot welding
  • Corrosion resistant coating

Cost: $149.00

Pro Comp Twin Tube Gas Shocks Set for Ford

Pro Comp Gas Shocks for Ford

Fit your truck with a reliable set of gas shocks that will improve the on-road and off-road performance of your vehicle. The 10 stage velocity valving delivers a smooth ride on perfect pavement as well as rutted dirt roads.

Key Features:

  • Designed for lifted vehicles with 6.5″ to 8.5″ lift
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Cost: $180.53

Rev9 Hyper-Street Basic for Toyota

Rev9 Hyper-Street Basic Kit

Rev9 engineered this kit for people who wanted to lower their vehicle at an affordable price. By utilizing proper lowering springs and a short length shock, this system will maintain factory stock handling feel while providing the lowered ride height preferred by many.

Key Features:

  • Ride height adjustable to lower your car
  • 32 stage damping force adjustable
  • Install by professionals recommended

Cost: $364.00

Rubicon Express Shocks for Jeep XJ

Rubicon Express Shocks for Jeep XJ

Hundreds of thousands of Jeep Cherokee XJs sold in America alone in the 90s and early 00s. For those of you still rocking your boxy Jeep SUVs, these shocks by Rubicon Express are the perfect suspension component to get your vehicle riding like it is new again.

Key Features:

  • Able to use on vehicles with over 4″ of lift
  • Easy install

Cost: $204.99

Budget Shocks and Struts

Mazda Twin Struts

Mazda Struts

Swap in this new set of Mazda struts with ease as they were designed to perfectly replicate the OEM strut fit and ride. People who have purchased these struts give high marks to their overall ride quality and ease of install. It’ll feel like you’re driving a new Mazda again!

Key Features:

  • Nitrogen gas charged
  • Precision robotic welding
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Cost: $115.33

SENSEN Mono Shocks and Struts

Sensen Shocks and Struts

Built for Ford trucks, these Mono Shocks and Struts fair better on highways and city streets than to do off-road. Their soft ride equates to a better feel on the road, but that comfort can also cause you to jostle around when the ride gets bumpy or twisty.

Key Features:

  • Street and highway preferred with a soft ride
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Cost: $89.37

SENSEN Twin Shocks and Struts

Sensen Twin Shocks and Struts

Manufactured to meet the OEM fit and function of Jeep Grand Cherokee suspension, these SENSEN Twin Shocks and Struts are on and off-road ready. This entire kit is one of the lowest prices for a complete shock and strut set that you will find on our list. Those who value great value above all else will love this setup.

Key Features:

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Cost: $66.21

Skyjacker Black MAX Twin Tube Shock Absorber for Jeep

Skyjackers Black MAX Twin Shock Absorbers

A budget-friendly shock absorber that features increased fluid capacity and “foam-cell” technology is quite a bargain. Because the “foam-cell” eliminates the air inside the shock, these absorbers can be mounted in any direction.

Key Features:

  • 2″ to 3″ rear lift
  • Dust boot included
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Cost: $54.99