Black and orange car seat cover on front and passenger car seats

Hate wiping up the slop from those fast-food burgers off your pristine white leather seats? Or do you want to show the world your love of cats or camping beyond your bumper-sticker collection? There’s a simple solution to both of these conundrums: buying a set of car seat covers.

Car seat covers have become a popular accessory for many car owners, as they help protect the interior of your vehicle while offering an alternative aesthetic. The right car seat cover should not only be comfortable with a tight fit, but it should also have great breathability and durability.

With the proliferation of seat-mounted side airbags in today’s vehicles, you might be wondering how safe car seat covers are to use. Our tentative advice is to proceed with caution, but check out the link to see our complete opinion on the matter.

We reviewed a wide variety of car seat covers available on the market today to find our favorites. After evaluating the product quality, performance, and customer feedback of what’s out there, we discovered that the Black Panther PU Leather Seat Covers topped the list thanks to their stylish appearance, comfortable feel, and easy installation.

Best Overall
Black Panther PU Leather Seat Covers
For the best all around protection, style, and comfort.
Our Automobile Expert’s Top 5 Car Seat Covers

We came up with five top choices that should appeal to a variety of uses and budgets. Compare the ratings and features of different models to determine what’s best for you.

Expert's PicksBrandRatingUniversalMaterialWaterproofMachine Washable
Best OverallBlack Panther PU Leather Seat Covers4.6Polyurethane Leather
Best Budget BuyGorla Gear Premium Universal Fit Car Seat Covers4.6Nylon, Neoprene
Most StylishLuckyman Club Leather Universal Car Seat Covers4.4PVC Leather
Best for Active LifestylesSojoy IsoTowel Car Seat Covers4.5Microfiber Fabric
Best for PetsURPOWER Upgraded Dog Car Seat Cover4.6Oxford Cloth, Polyester

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy Car Seat Covers

  • Anyone who wants to protect their upholstery – If you’re a certified neat freak or just want to preserve the condition of your car’s interior, car seat covers can protect your seats from dirt, grime, water, spills, stains, and even UV rays.
  • Vehicle owners looking to change the look of their car’s interior – If you don’t like the color of your interior or just want an updated look, car seat covers can help transform the look of your interior.
  • Those who own pets or enjoy outdoor recreation – Fido may be your best friend, but he sure doesn’t care how fastidious you are about your car. Hiking boots and mountain bikes are likewise democratic about the mud and dirt they’ll spread on your seats. If you own dogs or often find yourself trekking into the woods, car seat covers will go a long way in preserving your interior.
  • Vehicle owners with damaged seats. If your seats are damaged, car seat covers can keep them from getting worse while hiding their current degraded condition.
  • Uber or Taxi operators. Seat covers are a must for those shuttling passengers. You never know who might hail you down, and the last thing you want is a dirty or disrespectful passenger ruining your upholstery.

Who Should Not Buy Car Seat Covers

  • Those who appreciate the stock look – Anyone who appreciates the aesthetic of a factory-stock interior won’t be thrilled with the look of car seat covers. Unless you’re considering them for protective purposes, save your money.
  • Those who don’t take passengers often – if you don’t have kids, don’t have pets, and clean your car regularly, seat covers won’t do much good.
  • Those with damaged seats – Yes, we mentioned this above. But this is the flip side of the argument: if your seats are damaged, why bother protecting them further? If that’s your stance, and further damage or wear to your car’s seats won’t bother you, take a pass on car seat covers.

Research Tips (from an Expert)

  1. Stay style conscious – Generally, you should look for something that is going to complement your vehicle’s look. This will mean different things to different people, as personal style varies.
  2. Know why you want them – Some may just want to upgrade the look of their interior. Others want to protect their leather from the dirty and potentially damaging paws of their four-legged friends.1 Determining the primary purpose of your cover will steer you in the right direction.
  3. Consider ease of installation – You’ll need to take your car seat covers off from time to time when cleaning your vehicle. It’s worth considering how much work this entails, as each seat cover will be secured to the seat a little differently.
  4. Do homework on sizing – There are no truly 100% universal fit car seat covers, but many of them fit about 95% of vehicles. To ensure the ones you’re looking at will work, check customer reviews and manufacturer specifications to see if you can find your vehicle model and year.

How Much do They Cost?

Between $30 and $300

Several factors can impact the cost, such as the materials used in the car seat covers’ construction, any special features, and whether it’s a custom or universal fit. This means that the price range for car seat covers varies considerably, with options priced between $30-$300.

And if a $300 car seat cover isn’t expensive enough? Try googling custom-fit car seat covers made from luxury materials. That said, breaking the bank for car seat covers doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be getting the best product. Fortunately, there are several affordable options on the market that meet various needs while looking stylish.

Our Methodology: Why Trust Motor Sports Village

The car seat covers listed here were chosen based on extensive review of real customer feedback. The quality of the car seat covers we chose was determined by considering their functionality, their ability to meet user needs, and how well their actual performance measured up to manufacturer claims.

The Best Car Seat Covers: Full Reviews

Best Overall
Black Panther PU Leather Seat Covers
For the best all round protection, style, and comfort.

The Black Panther PU Leather Seat Covers are sold in pairs and are an attractive, subtle solution that protects against indentations, scratches, and dirt. The premium PU leather material will trick plenty onlookers into thinking your car came with leather from the factory. Reviewers have repeatedly noted how comfortable and waterproof these covers are, making them suitable for all seasons.

These car seat covers are a good option for nearly all vehicle and seat types. The non-slip bottom ensures they stay in place, while their non-all-wrapped backrest makes them compatible with airbags. Easy to install and secure, it takes only about five minutes to get them in place.

  • Look more expensive than they are
  • Easy to install
  • Fits about 95% of vehicles


  • Only available for front and passenger seats
  • Instructions may be unclear

Best Budget Buy
Gorla Gear Premium Universal Fit Car Seat Covers
Practical and functional at a great price.

The Gorla Gear Premium Universal Fit Car Seat Covers are a wallet-friendly and waterproof car seat cover for folks looking to protect either cloth or leather car seats from spills, pet fur, and daily dirt. The anti-slip backing helps deliver a contoured fit and appearance. These seat covers use a unique, anti-slip backing to keep in place without bunching or slipping, and they won’t stain the upholstery even if left on for extended periods of time.

The breathability designed into these car seat covers makes them comfortable and durable. They deliver simple yet effective protection for both your driver and passenger seats without breaking the bank.

  • Third-party verified waterproofing claims
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee from the manufacturer


  • Not well suited for pets who might move around a lot
  • Some reported issues with fit and straps

Most Stylish
Luckyman Club Leather Universal Car Seat Covers
The perfect way to upgrade the look of any vehicle’s interior.

Want the top of the line? The Luckyman Club Leather Universal Car Seat Covers are for you. These premium seat covers do ring in for $165, but they earn their keep with a form-fitting, high-class appearance that emulates the patterns often embossed into luxury car seats. Besides aesthetics, the wear-resistant PVC leather is waterproof, adding an extra layer of protection for your car seats while upgrading the look of your vehicle’s interior. These covers are also easy to install and have been designed for seats with side airbags.

While this option will fit a wide variety of cars and trucks, you should make sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure compatibility with your vehicle.

  • Stylish look with a high level of durability
  • Available in different base colors with color accents
  • Full set includes front and back seat covers


  • The sides of the seats remain exposed
  • Some reported issues with straps and installation

Best for Active Lifestyles
Sojoy IsoTowel Car Seat Covers
Protect your car’s seats from sweat and dirt after workouts.

The Sojoy IsoTowel Car Seat Covers are a machine-washable car seat cover solution for those who lead active lifestyles. Forget about keeping an extra towel on hand when you jump in your car, truck, or SUV after a workout session—the super absorbent microfiber material will keep the seat dry and clean for even the sweatiest gym rat. Importantly, the ultra-breathable material will ensure all smells are dissipated. In the summer, these seat covers don’t heat up in the sun or turn brittle and crack.

For the price, these covers are an excellent budget option that is perfect for those who primarily want to protect their seats from workout sweat. They don’t sit well because they aren’t intended for long-term application. They are actually are designed to store easily under your car seat, ready for use whenever you need them.

  • Useful for cloth seats that usually absorb your sweat
  • Easy to remove and machine washable
  • Breathable material won’t smell after repeated uses


  • Best suited for temporary use
  • Lacks straps and buckles to keep it in place

Best for Pets
URPOWER Upgraded Dog Car Seat Cover
The perfect solution for pet parents looking to keep their car seats pristine.

The URPOWER Upgraded Dog Car Seat Cover has improved upon its previous model to deliver even more effective backseat protection for pet parents everywhere. Crafted to be non-slip and with safety in mind, it can anchor in a variety of ways to prevent the seat cover from sliding around. It’s also 100% waterproof.

Comfortable and easy to clean, it can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your needs. You can choose from a dog hammock, bench-seat cover, or cargo liner. The hammock style also comes with a visual window to help reduce stress in pets who like to see their owner while on car rides; the window design can also help to increase ventilation in your car, something that is a must when carrying pets.

  • Variety of configurations available
  • Keeps pet hair and dirt from blowing around
  • Constructed specifically for pets


  • Inside zippers of side panels can be cumbersome with pets
  • Not machine washable

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you put seat covers on leather car seats?

Car seat covers are a fantastic option for leather car seats, especially in summer months where you might find your legs sticking to your car’s seats. Look for car seat covers that fit correctly and securely, however, as poorly fitting car seat covers may slide around on leather. Also keep in mind that it may not be advisable to put seat covers on heated leather seats.2

How do I know what car seat covers to buy?

This is a big question, and there’s a lot to consider. You’ll want to consider each option’s construction, materials used, color scheme, and fit. You’ll also want to think about if you want a car cover for the front only, back only, or both. Your budget is always a factor as well.

Are seat covers one size fits all?

Unfortunately not. There are many universal options on the market, but they are rarely 100% universal. You should check what the car seat cover manufacturer says in their specifications, as well as user reviews from people who have the same or similar vehicle type. You can also opt for custom-fit car seat covers, but they’re usually much more expensive.

What is the best fabric for car seat covers?

The answer to this question depends entirely on why you’re getting car seat covers. You’ll find everything from stretchy neoprene, to stylish leather-look materials, to acrylic fur that will be cozy when it’s colder. To determine the best fabric for your needs, think about why you need or want car seat covers. Is it to customize the look of your interior? Protect from pet damage? Or another reason entirely? There are different solutions for different needs, so take your time to work out what functions and features want your car cover to offer.

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