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Elky goes under torch for backhalf, the Beginning.
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Author:  Elkyman [ Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Elky goes under torch for backhalf, the Beginning.

Ken & Barry,

I tell ya, if I had ANY room to add the bars I have had hanging around for the last 5 years, I would put them on, but there is hardly any room left on the tubes to weld them on and be even side to side =P~ I had told my chassis guy that I wanted them on there but he said WHY? Obviously I think I went and had my chassis backhalf'd by the wrong guy, he did decent work, but not what I really wanted which is a tic just below top notch would have been fine by me. I have found 8 welds that are NOT completely 360 deg. around and that bugs the safety side of me down the road, and he said,"if it does not pass tech, bring it back" screw that, if you couldn't do it th efirst time your fault, on to the next chassis guy now, and I found a good one too about the same distance away. \:D/ but, it doesn't makle the chassi right still, so, it may go into another shop over the winter again to fix the stuff better that is not right in my mind, and do some other stuff as well.

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