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 Post Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:37 am 
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Beretta wrote:
Well John I sent Chance 4 dyno sheets from my engine and he made me a converter so let see how close it is to being right...Hope to find out tomorrow =; ....

Good luck Barry and I am sure we ALL want to hear your results :-k . I hope everything goes well. ;-)

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 Post Posted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:07 pm 

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What was your problem with Trans Specialties? I use there converter and love it. At first i thaught it was to tight because it didn't stall as high as my old Coan, but It totally changed the car. Better 60's and et's. I sent them dyno sheets and all the information i had and it was perfect out of the box. I sent it back to have it checked after about 400 passes and it was perfect. I heard really good things about Altimate Converters so i tried one. It stalled where he said it would but it slowed the car down. The Trans Specialties converter is back in the car. Altimate built me an 8 inch, Trans Specialties built me a 9 inch. Both had dyno sheets. O:)
ky mustang wrote:
I have a ptc and have always had good luck with them.

I have also used bte and they would be my second choice

I have used transmission specialties will not use them again for any reason =;


 Post Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:45 am 
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My problem was it was way off on the stall and I sent it back to be adjusted. They said it was worn out on the inside and it was only 21 days old from purchase date and still under warranty.

They refused to honor the warranty and charged me 300 dollars to "fix it " and it stalled and acted exactly the same when I got it back. Bte managed to "correct" it for me with no problems.

So I guess my reason is quality and customer relations I do not feel I was treated fairly with the warranty issue and I do not really think it could have been "worn out" that quick and will do business else where because of that.

The reason I like ptc is I was refereed to them by a friend Danny Joe Melton of M&M race cars. I bought a converter from them it was dead on the first time and I ran it for 10 years no slower et than 5.70 1/8 mile in a door car and as fast as 5.12 and finally broke the stator and sprag. They repaired it and I have had no problems since.

I asked them about adjusting it when I changed engines 3 times and they said try it first , it worked fine and the stall increased with more hp. Ptc is not out to get in your pocket , but to sell you a fine converter other wise they would have had me send it in. That's my opinion anyway and I am not a dealer or sponsored by them in any way just a satisfied customer.

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