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Doube and Single Frame Chassis
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Author:  Tanner [ Tue Jan 20, 2009 10:54 am ]
Post subject:  Doube and Single Frame Chassis

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to a double frame rail chassis over a single frame rail?  Both for ladder bar and 4-link?


Author:  Elkyman [ Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  reply


 About 10 or so, or more years ago, the double frame rail, round tube chassis's were the way to go with big power, over 1500hp and up, and one of the ideas with it was to make a slider type setup for trans removal, and clutch work in front of Lenco transmissions.  A friend of mine(who passed away) built his F-100 drag truck with dbl frames and he expected a lot of power only to be denied with a couple of power plants he built.
Weight was also a factor with more power as the rules were changed to make more even palying fields in the faster classes outside of the NHRA classes, mostly local track rules and specific class racing.  I for one see some good and bad ideas, a lot more work, more cost, but a stronger chassis in the mid section where big powered chassis's would tend to flex a little to much, and the Pro Mod guys were trying to make it a more non suspension type chassis per the rules as they HAD to run shocks and springs at all 4 corners, but they just jacked them up tight to get the same effect.  Most chassis's I have seen were with 4 links only also, and, had hugh power, over 2000hp Pro Mod type cars with blowers, twin turbo's and tons of Go juice =;

I am sure there were many other reasons, whether my thoughts were right or not??? who knows, just what guys told me that had them, and reading forums on the faster guys racing.  The stiffer you can make your chassis, the better your suspension will work and adj. once set up to your best results. My 2 cents worth.

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