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Author:  us7race [ Sun May 21, 2006 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Shock Tuning

Can someone help me with shock tuning...
when it's hot or the track is slippery how should you set them?
with an S10 and it being 600 pounds heavier on the nose I need some advice.. :-k =; I turn the launch rpm down but still spins..
on a sticky track it works great.. So Do I need to hit the tires harder or soften it up a bit?..All I have are some 3-way adjustable shocks and they are a pain cause you have to take them off to adjust them. Thanks alot everyone.. \:D/ \:D/ =D> =D> =;

Author:  Bubstr [ Sun May 21, 2006 1:45 pm ]
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Questions? Is it going straight? Is it spinning from the start or slightly after? Is this a ladder car? Coil overs? Are these the shocks that you change the valving? Is it pulling the front wheels off the ground, for how long? Have your 60s been consistant? You have been doing so well with this car, you may not want to change it much. A little tire slip makes it easyer on the drive train of it's consistant.

Author:  us7race [ Sun May 21, 2006 2:45 pm ]
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the problem started again this weekend..thought it was fixed..
It is a ladder bar goes straight 99% of the time and everytime you get traction. The shocks are the push all the way down and turn to click..cheepies. with traction it pulls the wheels about 4-6inches on motor.
and on Nitrous..the bumper is coming down tripping the 60-foot mark..
now with the spinning yes it's close as far as consistancy but then I tried that too I dialed it a 6.80 and just happened to get traction and went a 6.70 coasting and HARD on the brakes for a little while..So I want to get it hooking up. I appreciate your help. even general guidlines will help.

Author:  Bubstr [ Sun May 21, 2006 5:39 pm ]
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Well here goes as best I can. I'm a little rusty on a ladder bar car, so if someting ain't righr someone speak up. First thing is to find your percentage of rize. (kinda like instant center on a 4 bar). Draw your diagram so you know where you are and how much it changes with an adjustment. by the way tou need a pic of left and right side, because they will change a little with a pre load. Get your jack and find center of gravity,( front to back balance point) Draw a virtical line there and half way from about cam hight to floor make a mark. From this mark draw a line straight to the center of your contact patchof rear tire(directly below axel centerline at ground level), This line represents percentage of rize at 50%. Now to find where your rear ends %of rize you make a line from the cente of the 2 rear mounting points threw the center of the front mounting point and where it extends threw the center of gravity line will tell you percentage of rize. Compare this with the percentage of rize line. General rule is that automatics likes more than 50% (higher than line) and harder hitting cars like less than 50% ( lower setting). Now higher hits harder(more traction) To ajust this you either change front mounting point or ride hight of car at the mounting point.This is done by changing front bolt hole for big ajustment or ride heigth for small. It's a good deal to have the different setting plotted out and diagrams in note book in case you need to change something at a race. Now as far as shocks go they work with the spring and applyed weight to that corner of the chassis. Think of it as the spring decides how much weight to transfer and the shock says how fast. If your compressing the right rear too much too fast, you can stiffen the compresion on that shock and slow the prossess down. if your lifting the left rear you can increase the rebound and slow it down. if your front is comming up too fast you an increase the rebound on the front shocks to make it come up slower soften and it will come up faster.
Now in your case your front is comming up and not slaming back down, so your getting weifht transfered to rear. If your not squating or separating on either side, you have enough preload or anti roll bar to even force to both contact patches. If youe squating on both sides, too little % of rize or too weak spring rate in rear, stiffening shock compresion could help a little. You may want someone to look at burn out patches and feel tires for heat,(use cotton glove) HOT!!! Darker side or hotter tire needs more presure(more or less preload, stiffer shock . One other thing to look at is, could it need softer compound tire or larger tire?

Author:  Buffjhsn [ Sun May 21, 2006 8:05 pm ]
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well i dunno, you have a lot working against you. the track is not a constant, and the truck is nose heavy. i would say u want to apply the power to the ground slower.your truck will be different from everyone else, but you may want to play with tire pressure. also i say stiffen the shocks to try slow the compression of the shock a little. you will probally find that the best situation will be to test and tune and try different shock settings, mabey stiffer springs, or more i said the thing is nose heavy so you should try to find a happy medium.

Author:  us7race [ Sun May 21, 2006 10:24 pm ]
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I think I have as much up angle to my ladder bars I can get..So I think?..
the only thing I can do is play with the shocks and maybe get some stiffer springs..What rate spring should I run? My rear weight is 1,060 Lbs

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