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 Post subject: Wideband Sensors
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:11 pm 
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Here is a copy from Klaus on the Innovate website, thought it would be good to have a copy here as well.
This is a list of what not to do with a WB sensor:

1. Leave unpowered while the engine is running
This carbonizes the sensor and destroys it permanently.

2. Power it up while the engine is stopped and then start the car
This can cause condensation water to be blown at the hot sensor elements. The resulting heat shock can crack the sensor ceramics.

3. Lay it in the tailpipe (without an exhaust clamp).
Water can run into the sensor and destroy it as in 2. It can also fall out (see point 6.)

4. Use penetrants on or near the sensor
Chemicals in penetrants like WD-40 cause a chemical reaction in the sensor ceramics that will destroy the sensor. Even vapor is enough. When sprayed on the sensor cable they can work their way through the cable sheath into the sensor as well.

5. Run it in an 'wet' exhaust
A problem in boats where the exhaust is under water and water can be sucked in the pipe. Y off a seperate 'exhaust pipe' of about 3/4" diameter above the water line and mount the sensor in there.

6. Drag it behind the car
Easy to do when not fixed well to the tailpipe
Half a sensor does NOT show half AFR.

7. Use it as a Lollipop
It does not taste good.

Things that shorten a sensor's lifespan:

1. Leaded or otherwise metallized fuels
On leaded race gas the sensor's lifespan is shortened.
According to the Bosch specs on leaded fuels:

.6 grams lead/liter: 20,000 km
.4 grams lead/liter: 30,000 km
.15 grams lead/liter: 60,000 km

2. Running the sensor overheated for extended periods
When the sensor overheats the LM-1 will first show incredibly lean and then error out with an Error 08.
Use a heat-sink on the sensor (look in the old yahoo forum posts for details).

3. Running continuously very rich
This is only a problem on misadjusted engines. In normal operation, even in racing, there are enough periods with lean or stoich operation that the sensor can clean itself. In drag-racing the shortened lifespan is still long enough to typically outlast the engine

 Post subject: Re: Wideband Sensors
 Post Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:15 pm 
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Speaking of which, mine died towards the end of last season and yesterday I did some calling around locally trying to find a new one from part numbers that have been posted here. Turns out that CarQuest has the best price locally for a #75-2773 @ $55 plus tax but it's an order only item as they don't normally stock it. Can have it an a day though. Local Advance Auto Parts store wants $88 for it?? WTF??

My next item on my wish list is another LC-1 for the other collector that already has a bung welded in it. Anyone know of a "cheap" source for one of those outside of Ebay/PayPay whom I've refused to use because of the personal checking account access requirement to purchase anything any more? [-(

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 Post subject: Re: Wideband Sensors
 Post Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:55 pm 
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Does the one from Carquest have a plug on the end???? I also found them cheaper but have no plug on the end. Nut that didn't matter to me as Daytona sensors use a different connector..

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