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 Post Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:25 pm 
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While I'm not normally one to air dirty laundry on here, recent events have changed my mind.

As most of you know, I have known Tuner, aka, William Maley of Portland, Or (on the internet) since back in 2005 on Speedtalk when I was having problems with my 1150 methanol Dominator. From 2005 to 2009 I spent hundreds of hours talking to him on the phone discussing pretty much anything and everything you could imagine and with his help I did do a modification to my Dominator that "somewhat" fixed the top end lean condition it had. Many of you also know that it was December of 2009 when Tuner decided to "drop out" and wasn't heard from for several years after that.

Ennywho, I started this forum 2006 and some time later Tuner joined us and many received help from information he posted here and from what I remember, some even bought 2 circuit metering block kits from him for their 2 circuit Dominator conversions. This seems to be where the problems started.

In August of 2009 our member "oldtimer" made a post in a thread here that he had ordered a 2 circuit conversion kit from Tuner and hadn't gotten his parts. He claimed that he had tried to contact tuner both via Email and phone and got no answer and no kit. In frustration he decided to post this on MSV in the thread linked below.

oldtimer wrote:
I tried getting a set of Tuner blocks. After 2 or 3 phone calls and long discussions I sent him a check. Two weeks later he told me would send them right out. Never did get the blocks nor even an explanation. Apparently he just didnt feel like doing them.


Since this transaction basically occurred because of MSV and I had been promoting Tuner's endeavor I felt obligated to try to help oldtimer with this problem. So I called Tuner and asked him about it. Tuner agreed that he had handled that deal poorly and that was it. In the end, that deal didn't cost anyone any money so no harm no foul. oldtimer's only loss was time and the frustration of unanswered calls and Emails.

Fast forward to December of 2009 and I get a PM from another member that had done a business deal with Tuner and it too had gone south. I won't post the name because I'm sure he would rather remain anonymous but again, no money was lost but there was time and frustration involved, yet again. That individual that sent me that pm had asked me for Tuner's personal info, ie, name, address and phone number but I refused to give out that info without Tuner's permission. So I sent Tuner an Email with a copy and paste of that message I had gotten and asked what he wanted me to do with it? No one heard anything from him for a number of years after that!! UPDATE: This member is no longer with us as he died of cancer in April of 2013, and yes, it was Bruce Robertson, aka, Shrinker that had this problem.

Fast forward into 2010 and I learned that one of our other members, 540 olds, had sent Tuner two Quadrajet carbs for rework/overhaul. 6 or 8 months in he had tried to contact Tuner many times to find out the status of his 2 carbs but wasn't able to get in touch with him?

Fast forward again to 2 years later (2012) 540 olds STILL didn't have his carbs back and out of utter frustration he posted this on the Chevelles.com site.

http://www.chevelles.com/forums/showthr ... ight=tuner

After the above post I deactivated Tuner's account on MSV as at that point I didn't want him back here! Some time later his account was deleted!

So now we see that Tuner, aka, Bigfoot on the now shut down Innovate board, aka, Yeti on Yellow Bullet along with jmarkaudio and Nomad have started another forum. While Tuner/Bigfoot/Yeti's tuning prowess is probably second to none, it's apparent that his business dealings are what I would call less than ethical! Those who join there better take heed of the above mentioned problems and do business with someone with a better reputation.

And on a final note, 540 olds did finally get his carbs back 2 ½ years later but not until someone actually went to Tuner's house TWICE to pick them up!!

Site Admins ain't nobody's hero!

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