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metering block bleed question
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Author:  Elkyman [ Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:39 am ]
Post subject:  metering block bleed question

Ok, since I don't know enough yet about carbs and the conversion I am about to take on, I got to thinking about this,
With some of the adjustments in jet size's, bleed size's and so on to help one circuit vs another circuit, does the location of the bleeds in the emulsion holes in both sides of the each metering block help or have a specific location for a certain calibration of flow or could placing them in different locations help anything in the fuel flow path????

I did more reading about having to adj. this, and adj. that and it just popped in my head that maybe, those locations could be shuffeled around to make a better fuel flow path and help any flat spots or lack of fuel in the right places at the right time? Example, instead of installing the EB's at say 1 & 4 like Colin has done with his carb, has anyone checked to see if the carb would act differently if the bleeds were say, side by side at the bottom of both channels, or install them in top & bottom holes only location, both at the top, or even side my side in the middle of a 4 or 5 hole set of blocks?

Did that come out right? :-k I am trying to learn so much about these carbs, and still have wayyy more to learn, this just came into my head about this after reading some other post's about having to change and do different things to get a tune more cleaner per engine... not trying to build a rocket of course :- just trying to get a better understandoing of the flow path and if parts in different locations will improve or hurt the flow path of fuel...
Ok, let the rocks and stone's fly =;


Author:  Beretta [ Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: metering block bleed question


Author:  Elkyman [ Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: metering block bleed question

Beretta wrote:

Ok Barry, I have read that a few times and if using billet blocks, will it matter if the drilled bleeds are in different locations vs. a Holley metering block? That is where I am thinking it may make a difference. I also see that those are air only bleeds in these channels as well, am I correct on that part? :-k just wanted to know if the 1 & 3 holes are set in stone as to placement is all. I could use a schemetic type breakdown of the air & fuel flow on a carb too, that may help me even more... ;-) I will dig out my Holley books and track that info I think that info is in there books somewhere..

Thanks for the reply too. ;-)
I'm gonna give it a try Barry so cross your finger's for me =; Looks pretty cut & dry so it sholdn't be that bad, just anxious to get err dunn :-$
I know, patience right! :-$

Author:  Elkyman [ Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: metering block bleed question

Ok, seems I really showed how much I don't know about carbs. :- so looks like the emulsion channels are loaded with fuel. Shrinker really goes deep on this carb stuff too... O:) why don't you run for the U.S. Presidentcy Shrinker, it may just help this country out a bit! ;-)
Back to the drawing board for me :- one thing that is a learning curve for me is I need to see, feel and touchy touchy to really get a good fuzzy feeling of things, so learning more about carbs will hopefully help me understand the dynamics of a carb much better. Soo much good info on here guys, thanks for all your time to post it all. =D>

Now back to finding those Holley books I have somewhere :-k Need to get my library back in shape looks like...


Author:  SGDCXCVI [ Mon Feb 04, 2013 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: metering block bleed question

that's one of the things I'm going to try soon. I just have to wait untill the weather conditions isn't going to change much so I can change the e-bleeds, see the results then change back to confirm the results. Using the o'2 from the Racepak. I will post results.
Also triming the pump cams, like Barry has done.
Do the conversion first, these are all things you can tune on, after it's running.
Cheers Colin

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