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 Post Posted: Tue May 29, 2012 2:00 am 

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Well I got the results back that I was kind of expecting. Clean plugs, one run, wide open throttle, and they were just about as shinny and clean as when I put them in. Is this just a myth that won't die or does this only work on full on Drag racing vehicles. In fact I learned more from the old plugs I pulled out. I was expecting them to be dark black, but they were very light gray, very lean. I am raising my primary jets as well by three sizes.

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 Post Posted: Tue May 29, 2012 8:16 am 
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These 2 circuit conversion tuneups are usually a tick lean on idle and part throttle and a little phat on the mains. What you should be looking for is evidence of detonation and also the color of the fuel ring deep down inside the plug on the porcelain. Detonation will show either black or silver looking specks on the porcelain. The fuel ring, which can be difficult to see without a magnifying glass and sufficient light should be a tan color at the base of the porcelain and go all the way around.

And the main thing is "seat of the pants"? How does it feel or what does the time slip show MPH wise? If you've run with this carb as a 3 circuit and have a time slip then the 2 circuit should be somewhere near what it was MPH wise.

Unless you were having problems getting it rich enough to slow it down as a 3 circuit, which does happen quite a bit, then you may not see an overall performance gain but it will run much better at part throttle.

Remember too that you're not likely to hurt an engine running it a little lean at part throttle but you DO NOT want to run it lean at WFO as that WILL hurt it.

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