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 Post subject: Cool can
 Post Posted: Sat May 05, 2012 2:46 pm 

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I have a 72 Cutlass, 455 olds Toro motor, 30 over, balanced, forged pistons, 9.5 compression, HEI, accel coil, (I gap my plugs at 60, have for years.) Edelbrock heads and intake, Holley spreadbore mechanical secondary, Lun318A4 cam, Th400 sp, jetaway converter, 3.90 rear. Also I have the 69 hood scoops (mail box) on the hood. I normally run ram air full time, ( need to build a new isolator box.) We only get about 2’’ of rain. (Street car never taken to the track yet) My question is: would it be noticeable or of any benefit to hook up a cool can in the trunk. I have always thought about it. The weather is hot most of the time here. (Southern N.M.) I imagine in my mind that along with the ram air I would get a cold gas charge and a crisper response in the summer along with a better signal. Am I just dreaming? When I first installed the ram air I didn’t expect much of a change, but it ran and sounded like a different car, with a lot more guts. I have a vintage Hamilton scotch, blue and white cooler with the sheet metal inside and I would either get a coil of steel line or would aluminum be better. I can get dry ice but I might use regular some of the time. I also have a Holley electric fuel pump that I got for free, but have never used. Might need a regulator. Is this a stupid Idea for a street car, would I see any benefit.

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 Post subject: Re: Cool can
 Post Posted: Sat May 05, 2012 3:22 pm 
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"Back in the day" cool cans were used because fuel systems sucked! Typically everyone ran a block mounted stock fuel pump, which is a heat sink for the engine and it transfers that heat to the fuel that happens to go through it. At times, especially in hot weather a phenomenon called "vapor lock" would happen causing the carb to run out of gas at WFO. Fuel would boil in the line and create a gas and no gas would be pumped.

Typically cool cans were installed between the block mounted pump and the carb to eliminate that heat that was exchanged at the pump. With the arrival of electric pumps like that Holley Blue pump, the need for cool cans kinda went the way of the dinosaur.

IMHO if you want to do something to the fuel system, then put a decent electric pump back next to the tank with a regulator up front at the carb and also use a 3/8" fuel line if it doesn't already have that size on it. A pressure gauge is a must too and I wouldn't use more than 7psig MAX to begin with. You may be able to run less than that but start there and back down if you feel comfortable doing so.

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