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 Post Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:21 am 
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I stumbled on these papers when someone asked about the flow curves of air flow to fuel flow in a carb with boosters. The books the Shrinker and Tuner spoke of in the past, Carbs and Carburetion by Larew and two on Internal Combustion engines by Taylor and the other Obert have this information, I did a quick search on the web and found found the first link and with a search for carbs I found the other. A bit steep for reading, just started on the first one and a quick skim the other looks to be interesting as well. Download the PDF to save them, they are a bit big.



I've also been researching fuels and fuel components since the challenge, seeing the huge difference in AFR in adjoining cylinders have made me think about the value of looking for fuels and components that vaporize sooner, fuels that do a better job of vaporizing without compromising the octane and resulting detonation/pre-ignition resistance should improve the charge density of the incoming air and improve mixture distribution to all the cylinders. And it also points to why some larger engine don't always respond to larger carbs, if the intake does a poor job of distributing the fuel equally a smaller carb will run better. A smaller carb will increase vacuum under it at WOT, increased vacuum improves the vaporization characteristics and will also be able to control the overall mixture better because of the increase in booster signal. Sometimes little things can make a surprising improvement.

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