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Redoing fuel system dilemma
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Author:  J_6961 [ Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Redoing fuel system dilemma

OK, I decided to redo my fuel system this winter and now I’m second guessing it.

Old system is just that … old. It’s 2 -8 lines out of the fuel cell (back of the car) into 2 Holley 110 pumps, then a single -8 up to the front where it goes to two Holley blue regulators that are balanced (joined) to each other and then a -6 line from each reg to the bowls of a single Holley carb.

This has worked flawlessly for 8-10 years. At the end of this season, one of the Holley 110 pumps started to go away and I was seeing the car lean out because of it. The old-school system has carried the car to 8.90’s @ 150 mph feeding a 489 BBC.

Second guessing it, I’m now thinking of just replacing both 110’s with a single larger pump (Like an Aeromotive A2000 or similar), adding a new Aeromotive prostock regulator and leave the -8 lines in place, instead of redoing all the lines to -10.


Author:  Ken0069 [ Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Redoing fuel system dilemma

Rear mounted pump really needs a -10 suction line as most of the "performance" pumps now have a -8 bypass line back to the tank to keep the pump from over heating. And BTW, most of those bypasses are set WAY too high for most applications! You'll need to play with yours to see just how high it needs to be. I think both Rick and Barry have dropped theirs down around 10 or 12psig but don't quote me on that.

The -8 from the pump to the regulator up front should be OK IMHO. If you use a larger line than that then at the hit you'll have to overcome even more "G" forces that will try to send that fuel in the line back to the pump rather than having it going forward to the regulator. Then you can use one -6 line out of the regulator to each fuel bowl.

FYI, I run a BoLaws belt drive pump for both gas and methanol. A few years ago I had a 97 Cameron dragster that had the fuel cell in front of the foot box and there was a -10 line from the fuel cell to the belt drive pump inlet. That pump has a built in bypass that was set to bypass at 8psig. Problem was that at the hit fuel stacked up in that -10 line and when the bypass would open to dump to the suction side there was already MORE than 8psig on that suction line due to "G" forces on fuel in that 8 or so ft. long -10 line. What happened then was it blew the needles off the seats in the carbs and flooded it big time! I wound up putting a regulator between that pump and the carbs and that problem went away.

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