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Didn't say anything on here about this but the day I took that drive in the Studebaker testing that new O2 gauge I mounted in it I was unlucky enough to run up on a permit check the State Police had setup on the way to the gas station I was headed too. Needless to say, when the cop saw me in the line he started salivating and an hour later I left there with not one, but TWO tickets!! One for Illegal Exhaust and the other for Illegal Suspension because the front bumper was only 7" off the ground?? WTF?? He also tried to write me for an illegal hood scoop but I quickly short circuited that one by noting that what was sticking out of the hood was an air cleaner not a scoop and it was NOT mounted to the hood!

So after that I started doing research to see if there was a way to beat those 2 tickets. I was pretty confident that I could beat the Illegal Suspension one but but had my doubts on the Exhaust.

The suspension ticket was based on Virginia Code 46.2-1063 and if you Google search those numbers in that order it will bring up the law. You can read the entire thing but the key section is in the 4th paragraph. Since My car has a full race chassis under it, I had to lower the bumper mounts to make the bumper fit the new lower height of the grill and sheetmetal. That meant that the cop should have measured the frame rail height, which is 14.5" and not the bumper. The Judge agreed with me and that ticket was dismissed.

The exhaust ticket was based on Virginia Code 46.2-1049. You can read through that one and guess where I went with it, ie, HOW LOUD WAS AN ORIGINAL 1955 STUDEBAKER and THERE ARE NO STOCK OR OEM EXHAUST SYSTEM PARTS AVAILABLE FOR THAT CAR!

Since the cop was mid to late 40s old I knew he had never heard one and since there was no db limit listed I argued that the law as written wasn't enforceable. The Judge read over that law and agreed with me and dismissed those charges as well.

NOTE, that Studebaker has a pair of Super Trap racing mufflers on it and it IS LOUD!!! =;

Ennywho, I thanked the good Lord, knocked on wood and came home happy with the results as that's 4 tickets that car has gotten over the last 21 years and I haven't been convicted of ANY OF THEM! \:D/

Big Boyz Toyz!


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