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Got to play with the S10 and hang out with Chuck this weeken
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Author:  WR169 [ Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Got to play with the S10 and hang out with Chuck this weeken

It was racers appreciation / Halloween day at the valley. Free food and kids in costumes trick or treating. Good times. I took the S10 to the track for the first time since we rebuilt the motor as a 383 last year. I was running street tires so I knew it wouldn't hook. The best et with the old motor was 8.79 with 7.73 gears. That was before the wagon. Now it has a more street friendly 3.08's back in it.

Thursday night I put a electric vacuum pump in the S10 cause it was blowing oil out of the breathers and leaking in a couple of places.


Driving to the track about 35 miles with the RPM's from idle to a steady 3k for about 5 miles no leaks and the valve covers were clean. There was also no oil in the drain tank. \:D/ \:D/


On the first run it spun hard then I short shifted and it hooked.

We only got one time run so first round It spun worse and I didn't short shift. :- I tried to pedal it. [-(

Chuck was there with Greg driving. Sue didn't realize it so she didn't video the first run. Of course it was an awesome run #-o LOL I think Greg is faster now. ;-)

On my buy back I decided to roll into the throttle then hammer it. That worked but when I looked back I saw the other guy way back so I got out of it and hit the brakes. I should have stayed in it. [-( [-(

And this is just cool.

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