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 Post subject: Newton WI Pull 9-11-2010
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:21 pm 

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OK the pulls are coming to and end fast with only one more pull next week.

But this weekend we pulled again in Newton WI where the Fire Fighters and EMS put on a show. We only had 6 classes here tonight. Stock Diesel, 5500 Stock, Super Stock, Mod Diesel, Open Stock and Mod 4x4.
This pull had a raised purse for Super Stock so they’re where a few truck’s I never seen before and a few PPL and P.I. Trucks to boot. We ended up with 23 Super Stock in the class. So with this being the last Pull in the N.E.W. Calendar I was out of the points chase sitting in 5th place in the Super Stock class. So I ended up being the 20th puller in the class in Super Stock. And with the fact that the track was marginally good to begin with it went to hell fast. I’m not going to bore you with all the details of the 12 trucks that bet me tonight but just to say the track wasn’t my friend tonight in this Class. One detail I will note is Donny Skinkis was the first puller in the class and turned down his first pull of 324.25’ only to come back at the end of the class and pulled a 309.15’ loosing 15.1’ so the track went away tonight.

But now in Mod 4x4 I got a reprieved I was the 3rd puller in the class and Brian Breister was the first puller pulling the sled 323.32 and he kept his pull the Second Truck to pull was one of the PPL trucks and he pulled 312.32, Next up was ShaZam and as I got hooked up to the sled I looked down the track and could actually see my road glisten in the night lights. As I Left the line I had one little bounce then ShaZam Planted her butt and I gave her a fist full of throttle and we where zinging 8200 rpm’s down the track and picking up speed, when the last stage hit I ShaZam came to a halt at the 319.69’ mark putting me in 2nd place looking at the flag man and he said I had a good pull. So off to put ShaZam on the trailer and come back to watch the rest of the class run. There was this hole forming at the 300 to 306 mark on the track that seemed to be where the trucks where stopping. So as I sat there and watched each truck take there turn and falling just short of the 319.69 that ShaZam put down. I was up in the announcer booth when Cory Lemirande came up to the line with his truck he call’s Old School.
Cory left the line good and at mid track had a really good run going turning 8500 rpm’s and as the last stage hit he stopped at the 319.62’ mark and I let out a YA YA as I was still in 2nd place with only 1 truck left to pull. The last truck pulled 289.69 so ShaZam finished the night out with a 2nd place in Mod and a 13th in Super Stock.

Next week is the last pull at Equity Bar and the WUMPA club. I’ll let you know who we did.

Dan and ShaZam


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