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 Post Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2006 9:46 pm 
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hey guys..all of you that know me know that i am a chevy man..but the truth is that i love all cars..just started out with chevy..
anyhow i picked up a 94 mustang gt really cheap..all stock..5 speed 5.0efi.

susposedly all that is wrong with car is a broken tooth on the fly wheel that is causing the starter to stick..i can here the starter selenoid just spin..anyhow i bought the car cheap enough to were if the motor is bad i am still staisifed......if the motor is good i am going to get it running and burn the living dog dookie out of the tires (lol)......
by some chance the motor is bad i was wondering what type of modifications it would take to drop a small block chevy with a glide in this type body style.....REMEBER I KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT THESE MUSTANGS...

I saw in jegs where they have a k-member from 79-93 that has a small block chevy motor mounts in place...

i have 2 questions on this
#1- is the 94 body style any differnt than the 93 when it comes to the k-member

#2..MOST IMPORTANT-- I do not want to put a load of money in the car..so i would be interested in placing the small block chevy without having to purchase the k-member etc...i do know that my plasma cutter will make room for any motor..but i was wondering if there is major clearance problems etc...

anyone that has went this route or know anyhow that has i would like to hear what they had to do or problems they ran onto..

has anyone watched a stock suspension mustang with a decent motor run lately ??...its nothing for them to run 5.50's (1/8) with nothing but bolt on stuff.!!!.
truley a way for a man to go that is on a budget or wanting to play without competivley without sacrificing an arm and leg...

by the way i bought this 94 gt stang for $900.00,,all interior is good,,,body has one dent in drivers door (i can fix this)....i figure i can put me together one of my grenade 383 motors and spray the crap out of it and have some fun really cheap....

thanks Bjuice...

thanks B-juice

there is more than one way to skin a moving cat!

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 Post Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 3:26 pm 
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I think the headers will cost you the most....You are right about the bolt on traction goodies..

6.11@110 Gas
1.3718 Sixty Foot with the rear wheels Gas

6.07@110 on Alcohol Injection with a 4-link 4-6-12
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