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 Post Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:40 pm 

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Last weekends pulls 7-19/20-08  


OK Started the weekend off with helping set up out at Equity for the NEW Club pull. Got the fencing up cleaned the Concession stands up a little got the track packed in some and headed back home @ 5:00 P.m.


Was back out to Equity Park @ 8:00 A.m. to get things going for the day’s pull. We had both Tractors and Trucks going to pull this day, and the tractors where suppose to Start @ 11:00 A.m.

But as with any pull it never starts on time. Started pulling the tractor classes at 11:45 A.m. .. I took on the roll of Flagman for all Eleven-tractor classes. We had one incident where the weight box failed to come up on a 10,500 # tractor and the driver did a good job of slowing down with out causing any damage to anything. Other then that the tractors went off with out a hitch.
So the Tractors finally finished up at 4:30 and the Sun pretty much baked me to a Crisp. So I went and cooled down some with a little ice water out of my cooler, My buddies said I looked like a raccoon where the sun glasses where and I was a pretty shade of Red. I was going to just chill during the First couple of truck classes to get in my Zone to pull.

Well we got into the Truck Classes and things where going along pretty good, when we finally got into the Super stock class I was the 2nd puller in the class. Midnight Cheater was the first truck to pull And he laid down a short pull of 250’ where we had a track that was 350’ long. So the Track Boss told the sled operator to reset the sled. Hot dame that made me the 1st Puller then. So I got all hooked up and as I left the line I eased in the throttle to the 75’ mark and then pushed as hard as I could on the go fast lever, ShaZam came to a Stop at 285’ which still sucked seeing there was a lot of track out there yet, So I turned my pull down and figured I change gearing and come back at the end and clean house on these boys. Well we had 17 trucks in the class today and as I got back to the end of the track to watch them come down my buddy Dean just got finished with his pull and they said he fell into my holes I dug. Wow I thought, so the next truck was American Outlaw and he pulled it 10’ further then I did so I guess it was just a traction thing. Here’s where the day got interesting. Next up was an Open Stock truck that jumps up to play in Super Stock. He gets hooked up and runs the sled out to the 315’ mark and we just all dropped are jaws with that pull … Holy Wow. But as it turned out the weight box stopped before it hit the top of the sled. Then on the next truck as the box was heading up it came out of gear and slammed back down and Barb Peters though she had a hook from hell going until we notice the weight not coming up and she was flagged to stop, Which ended up with the sled in the back of her truck pushing her down the track side ways, then when you thought everything was cool the weight box decide to free wheel to the stops and add some more hurt the her truck. Well they though they got the problem solved with the sled so Cory Lemrainde hooked to the sled pulled it to the 290’ mark.
So on the next truck Justin Kusch was up and once again the weight box made it half way up and then disengaged and went back down, Justin had a head of steam going to at the 200’ mark where I jumped out on the track and waved him to slow down because I seen the sled malfunctioned again. Lucky for Justin he got out of it easy and just kept his truck in front of the sled till they got everything stopped. At that point it was decided to call the show for Safety reason. It was now 6:30 P.m. got everything loaded up and had a few beers with the boys then headed home @ 9:00 P.m.

OK Sunday:
UP at 6:00 A.m. to get ready to leave at 8 for Shakey Lakes, which is only 40-minute, drive from my house.
  So I get there and get everything set up to take registration for the trucks part of today’s pulls. Got the leveler off the trailer and backed the wobble wheel off the trailer and had it pulled up to the track. Skies where cloudy which was cool for me seeing the sunburn was still a little hot on my neck.
So as Noon came the last few trucks got there to register and the pull started at 12:30 P.m. right on time kinda. We had to hob gobble the leveler to one tractor there the use it and then we had to put a call out to Norm Wagner to bring up his tractor to haul the wobble wheel around. All in all the Tractor guys thought the track was the best it had ever been in all the years we been pulling there. In years past they only had a Tractor with a bucket on it the smooth the track out, which always seemed to give the track a whopedy dew
in the middle of it.

So after the tractors where done we had the leveler and wobble wheel keep going on the track to keep it from drying out and got the show on the road with the trucks as fast as we could.
As the 5000 trucks started the track was in Prime shape. With the track getting better with each truck that pulled. The 6000 Class the track seemed to get worst with each truck, but it still was in good shape, so with the Open stock trucks they where yanking the sled deep into the end of the track At 269’ with a Full Pull being 280’ there. So up comes Super Stock, In years past I had run a 1200 Gear in 2006 took 1st in both classes, last year I ran a 1100 gear and took 1st in both classes, this year I put a 1000 gear in seeing the track was in better shape then it’s ever been. So I was the 2nd puller in the class and for the most part with this sled it’s just tighten the cable and go. There’s no rolling it with this dead weight sled. So with that I took off and planed to run down the left side of the track and came to a stop at 231.7’ as I left the track I was in 1st place. Hehehehe Finished 3rd for the day in Super.

As I replayed the run I turned 7400 most of the way down the track, which should have told me I was one gear to high with the track being packed. So as I changed tires for Mod I dropped to a 800 gear thinking I’d like to get the R’s up to 8000 but the was a big mistake I found out after the pull. As I left the line in Mod I had less control of the wheel speed with the 800 gear in then had I left the 1000 gear in there it would have hooked my motor better.

Ended up in 5th place for the day in Mod and it was one to one day for Dean and me.

Now we just have to settle the out come from Equity Super Stock pull seeing the class was called for safety reasons. But I just watched the video and I had Dean by 20 ft.  So we’ll see how that goes.

This weekend I’ll be in Mishicot WI on Friday Night and Denmark WI on Saturday Night …

Hope to see ya all there.

Dan and ShaZam


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