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did anybody else catch this???
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Author:  rick360 [ Sun Apr 23, 2006 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: did anybody else catch this???

nlmsc33 wrote:
bob glidden has been replaced at schumacher racing by david nickens.

in his initial press release nickens said he thinks shaun carlson is a cool guy.

i wonder if carlson being tapped to drive the 2nd car had anything to do with glidden's "resigning" as he publicly doubted the guys ability.

politics in high dollar corporate race teams????? nahhhh...mel

Yeah, I read that the other day on The couple years that Nickens ran P/S he was never competitive. His Comp stuff used to be pretty fast, but I hadn't seen or heard much out of him. Patterson, Panella and a couple others have the best Comp engines now. I'm not even sure if Nickens still builds them anymore.

Glidden was right about Carlson so far. Only one Q and no round wins so far this season. That's gotta be hurting Schumachers ego a little to have one of his cars doing so poorly.

We'll see how well Nickens does, I'm betting it won't last.


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