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Author:  Ken0069 [ Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:50 am ]
Post subject:  <<<<<<The Future Of Motorsports Village?>>>>>>

I'VE HAD ENOUGH! From this day forward Motorsports Village Forum will no longer accept any new members and all existing members have been purged. If I decide to open it back in the future then a backup of the 02/05/2013 database with all the old logins will be restored so that most existing members would be able to login on the site again. My apology to those of you that were in the middle of a carb mod but a man has to do what a man has to do! Good luck!

The most sought after information here since February of 2008 is and has been the 2 circuit Dominator conversions that Slowpoke, Scott Smith, oobob, myself and others did at that time. That info will remain available to guests courtesy of There's enough information in these threads for the average gear head to do the 2 circuit Dominator conversion. I've had more than a few people join here just to say thank you after they had completed their conversions without any other help!

Running this site has been, for the most part, a good experience for me. I've met some really good people and I've also met a few real assholes. And on that note, I will admit that it takes one to know one! In retrospect though I will say that one must be cautious of those you “think” are friends!

Ennywho, I have no regrets as there's probably thousands of people that have benefited from the FREE information that is contained on these pages and since MSV is high up in search engine results, even more will benefit from it as long as the site stays up. That makes the effort worth while!

I thank you for helping to make MSV one of if not the best automotive performance technical boards on the internet!! I couldn't have done this without you and I'm sure that most of you will be a true asset to whatever site you wind up on.

I guess only time will tell if I miss it or not!


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Author:  Ken0069 [ Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: <<<<<<The Future Of Motorsports Village?>>>>>>

I've received a few Emails from members that don't seem to understand that the board is basically shut down and will likely be completely gone when the search engines stop indexing it. I'll probably post some stuff on there from time to time to see if I can keep the search engines happy but I have my doubts. Not exactly sure how long that will take but once they see that no new content is being added (posts from members) they will eventually abandon the site and it will stop showing up on Google, Bing and others. I will leave it up as long as I think people are benefiting from it though and I can track the number of hits it gets each day to see how it's doing. Lots of info here and I want to make it available for as long as possible.

For those who may be interested, Speed Talk is a decent board that has a fair number of technical people and I'll likely turn up there from time to time. Don't look for much out of me though other than my occasional political rants as they have a forum for that kind of stuff and that seems to be what my major interests are at this time.

And again, thanks for the memories guys. ;-)

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Site Admins ain't Nobody's Hero!

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