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 Post Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:59 am 
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Local Christian college, Liberty University has relaxed it's guns on campus policy to allow persons with concealed carry permits (CCP) to carry concealed firearms in all buildings on campus except dormitories. This is a step in the right direction by a major University which could pave the way for others to follow as it's now a known fact that "Gun Free Zones" are wacko magnets for those who would murder the defenseless law abiding citizens who obey those laws! GOOD FOR THEM!!!

LU changes concealed weapons rules for permitted people

http://www.newsadvance.com/news/local/a ... f6878.html

Posted: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 12:35 am | Updated: 5:40 am, Wed Apr 3, 2013.

Amy Trent

Liberty University students, visitors, faculty and staff with concealed-carry permits can now bring weapons into all Liberty University facilities — from philosophy class to Williams Stadium — except for dormitories.

The policy change went into effect March 22, following a unanimous vote by the Liberty University Board of Trustees. Previously, guns were allowed on campus but not inside buildings.“I think it’s good that Liberty is a little more open than some schools,and I think it’ll continue to create a higher level of security on campus than what was found at Virginia Tech” during the time of the fatal shootings in 2007, Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. said Tuesday.

“I think it’s a positive thing for security that there’s at least a chance that somebody responsible will be carrying a firearm when something like that happens.”

In November 2011, LU became the only college in Central Virginia to allow concealed weapons on campus. Officials did not know Tuesday how many individuals have permission to carry concealed weapons on campus, but in December of 2011, 64 individuals applied with LUPD for such permission. There have been no weapons policy violations in that time, Falwell said.

Falwell expects the change to affect a “limited number” of people. He said he does not have safety concerns in light of the change.

The revision is a response to complaints from students that Liberty‘s weapons policy was too restrictive despite the changes made in 2011.

The university posted the new policy on its website Monday but has no plan to make an official announcement regarding the change.

Liberty University Police Chief Col. Richard Hinkley could not be reached Tuesday. According to an email he sent Chancellor Falwell April 1, Hinkley said he was “glad to see that this change was made.”

John Johnson, spokesperson for the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus, said Tuesday, “The answer to gun violence is not more guns,” in response to the news LU would allow guns in campus facilities.

“A student with a concealed weapon is unlikely to prevent a mass shooting or crime. On the other hand, the unintended consequences of gun possession by students and others — a shooting during an argument or dispute, attempted suicide, unintentional shooting, etc. — are real and make the college campus more dangerous every hour of every day,” Johnson said.

Liberty University senior Craig Storrs, one of the students who petitioned for the policy change, was thrilled by the revision and thinks it will make the campus safer.

“I think it’s a fantastic idea, and I applaud the university for making this decision despite all the political pressure to restrict firearm ownership and carrying,” Storrs said.

He predicts a significant increase in the number of students who will seek permission to carry concealed weapons.

“In my opinion, it makes it safer, and it will prevent an event like Virginia Tech from happening here on campus,” Storrs said. “This just enhances the policy.”

Students with valid concealed weapons permits recognized in the state of Virginia and approved by the university’s police department can now carry weapons on university property and in university facilities.

Previously, those students were not permitted to take guns into school facilities. Students told Falwell the previous policy, which required them to remember to return their firearm to their car prior to entering a building, was a nuisance.

“The change was for the convenience of student permit holders but also visitor permit holders,” Falwell said, adding he believes LU is part of a national trend of colleges providing more gun rights.

Another change allows faculty and staff — including residential advisors living in residence hall apartments — to store weapons in secured containers in their apartment. These resident hall apartments are separate from the dormitories that residential students live in, and Falwell said the university will continue to prohibit any weapons inside any dormitory.

Kurt Mueller, spokesperson for Students for Concealed Carry, a national organization advocating for the rights of concealed handgun license holders, said the organization supports Liberty’s policy revision.

“We support the change as increasing the rights of law-abiding citizens, and we continue to encourage the adoption of policies that treat adults who already carry concealed off campus in their every day lives to be able to carry concealed firearms on campus as well,” Mueller said.

Falwell said he thinks the change “makes our campus safer than most.”

Contact Amy Trent at (434) 385-5543 or atrent@newsadvance.com.

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