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 Post subject: End Of Life Planning?
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:34 pm 
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Not a real popular topic I would think but a necessary one just the same. One of the things that Medicare does is make you aware of the need to have plans for when you die. I'll soon be 68 and in reasonably good health but hey, you never know!! I do still drive a race car on occasion!!

So about a month ago I embarked on my journey to plan my funeral. Needless to say, being the cheap SOB that I am I went looking for a deal. At my death there will be no funeral in a traditional sense. I've filed the paperwork to make an anatomical donation of my body to medical science at my death. There are certain preconditions that must be met so you also have to make plans in case the body won't be accepted, which in my case means a cremation at a local facility.

So I went looking online for the cheapest cremation service I could find, with NO OTHER SERVICES INCLUDED!! That's right, there will be no funeral for me, only a cremation and a notice in the paper that I have died. People that didn't visit me when I was living don't need to come around once I'm gone. I told Faye that if she wanted to do something then she could have a small get together here at the shop if she wanted but that would be it. If she wants more than that, then she can pay for it!! ;-)

So I sent Emails out to 3 crematoriums asking for a cremation service only quote. One of the three had their website setup where you could buy your cremation and pay for it with a credit card!! Sounded like my kind of place and I did figure out what it would cost with them.

Ennywho, one funeral home called me the next day and gave me a quote on the phone of $2995.00?? Wow here, I told the guy that he was about twice what I had been quoted online so he dropped his price to $1595.00. I thanked him and told him I had more quotes coming and would get back to him.

The next call I got was about the same as the first only this guy wanted to get down to business, ie, after I told him about the $1595 quote he told me he'd beat ANY PRICE I GOT BY $200?? So I showed him the quote for $1595 and he said that he would do it for $1395. =;

So I setup a revocable trust with that guy, which means that if my body donation is accepted then my estate gets the $1395 back plus interest! It don't get much better than that, hey and at times it pays to be a cheap SOB!! =;

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